A downtown club for design-focused doers

Creating more B2C winners in Atlanta

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The beginning of a movement
Opening fall 2015

There won't be a better place in Atlanta to grow consumer & design-focused companies. Part workspace, part coffee shop, part event series and part incubator, the Switchyards Downtown Club is a members-only gathering place to cultivate ideas, grow brands, and be around the consumer startups creating the future of Atlanta. It’s all happening in a historic 1920’s renovated building downtown.

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Singular Focus

An entire 19,000 square foot building focused on consumer & design-focused companies.

More B2C Winners

We need to focus on what matters most in the earliest stages of a startup.

There's Soul in a Space

We believe that what we can layer on top of the building is what gives a space soul.

151 Ted Turner Drive NW, Atlanta, Geo. 30303

“This area has always been a site of dreams getting real. From a rag-picker’s desire to have a home for his family to a technology incubator that launches design-centric brands for consumers. It’s 151 Ted Turner Drive, the soon-to-be Switchyards Downtown Club.”


Galvanizing the best, most like-minded B2C doers into one building


private office (2-8 chairs)
24/7 full building access
unlimited coffee drinks at W&A
fiber wi-fi & utilities included
2 x 8-12 person board rooms
2 x 5-8 person meeting rooms
6 x 2-3 person huddle rooms
6 phone booths
kitchen & refrigerators
access to member event series
month-to-month membership
offices are $350 / month / person


24/7 private coffee shop
unlimited coffee drinks at W&A
fiber wi-fi & utilities included
daily locker use
2 private meeting rooms
access to member event series
month-to-month membership
$50-250 / month


Let's listen, let's talk, and let's make Atlanta great.

Switchyards: The Podcast highlights different aspects of the city as told by passionate and interesting Atlantans. Produced by Clay Bolton. Best Local Podcast in Atlanta by Creative Loafing in 2015.

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